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Investment Management Review

Our mission, to provide strategic analysis, news and views to executives of fund management organisations and their parents in all parts of the world, is implemented by our expert contributing authors and editorial team.

The publication gives an overview of new developments and thinking across broad areas and topics in the industry. We survey the best research and the most significant developments from around the world. Our analytical articles are based on themes and issues of global interest and significance.

The magazine is divided into two sections. The first section consists of in-depth articles of topical interest written by industry experts. The second section is a digest that extracts from the sources mentioned above, as well as many websites and reports by other research houses, the best material which is of strategic interest to decision-makers and has potential significance for the longer term, rather than being of transient value. For this purpose, we also review important conferences.

Our sources include:

Others covering specialist sectors such as alternative investment, structured products and pensions, which include:

Other sources monitored encompass the research output from leading consultancy firms, various industry websites and newspapers such the Financial Times, International Herald Tribune and Wall Street Journal.

For more about the mission of our magazine, please read the editorial of issue 1.

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